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SuperChips FlashPaq Jeep Wrangler JK Programmer

SuperChips FlashPaq Jeep Wrangler JK Programmer

SuperChips FlashPAQ
2007-10 Jeep Wrangler JK

Superchips has been delivering the high-performance street and track experience for over 25-years. Now we're introducing a whole new Superchips experience - Jeep off-road tuning. Once you try it - we dare you to drive without it.

The Superchips Flashpaq for Jeep now offers tuning for 1998-2010 coverage. While the horsepower and torque gains from the specifically tuned Superchips calibration are worth the price of admission, the sophisticated transmission tuning makes your Jeep drive like a dream. Ease the pain at the pump by using our exclusive 87 octane tune. In summary, get it all with Superchips.

# Superchips Exclusive features: Performance and low-throttle response crawling tune included
# 4-HI locking axle control
# Transfer case gear change correction
# Idle control for accessories
# Tire Pressure Monitoring System threshold adjustment for use on different terrains

# Standard Flashpaq Features Tire size adjustment for electronic speedometer correction
# Real-time vehicle sensor display and data logging
# Greater increases in torque, horsepower and drivability
# Works with most intake and exhaust kits
# Read, display, & clear DTCs


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