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Viking Synthetic Winch Line 3/8" - Hook

Viking Synthetic Winch Line 3/8" - Hook

Synthetic Winch Line
3/8" x 50' 80' 100' or 125'
17,800 lb MBS
Fitted with Tube Thimble & Excel Hook

Viking Winchlines are all US Made from the strongest fiber currently available: Dyneema SK-75, and with a Viking winchline you can be assured of the best quality from the USA and Europe. Accept no cheap imitations.

Why switch from Steel Cable to Synthetic Winchlines? Safety, Strength, & Ease of Handling

Safety: Both steel and synthetic winchlines give a very small amount of stretch, the equivalent of less than 1% at breaking pressure. This tiny amount of stretch stores kinetic energy that is released when the line breaks. Since steel winchline is much heavier than synthetic winchline, the force of that stored energy is devastatingly powerful, particularly dangerous with people near. The synthetic line is so light and therefore stores less kinetic energy, which when released, the winchline virtually falls to the ground with a fraction of the force of steel. For this reason, 4x4 off-road racing sanctioning bodies do not allow steel cables because of their inherent danger. Synthetic winchlines are now mandatory.

Ease of Handling: Steel winch cables have a tendency to kink, rust, and have very sharp strands once nicked. They also tend to straighten by the nature of the material making them harder to spool back on the winch properly. Synthetic winchlines have none of these problems.

Strength: Dyneema® synthetic winchline fiber is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and 40% stronger than Aramid fibers on weight for weight basis. This means the replacement synthetic winchline is typically 35-45% stronger than steel cable! Steel cables are typically sized to match the strength of a winch. For example a 9,500 lb capacity winch will have roughly a 9,500-10,000 lb capacity steel cable. The replacement synthetic line would be 5/16" (7.9mm) or 3/8" (9.5mm). Viking Winchlines are rated at 12,300 lb (6 metric ton) for the 5/16" and 17,600 lb (8 metric ton) for 3/8", making them approximately 23% and 46% stronger on the conservative side.

Note: There are variations of very strong synthetic ropes that we have seen on the market. These can include Amsteel rather than AmSteel-Blue (both can be blue and virtually indistinguishable) and Dyneema SK-60 available as well. Viking Offroad will never substitute synthetic ropes of lesser strength or quality. Viking always use genuine US made High Performance Dyneema 12 strand ropes for their winchlines.

Viking Winchlines are used in by many: Recreational four wheeling, racing, ATV's, and towing industry. They are also used by the top trainers in the world including several military trainers who train the best of US Armed Forces. Other customers include: DOD (Department of Defense), Navy, Navy Seals, Army, Army Rangers, Marines, Air Force, SWAT, DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) Etc.. Additionally First Responders such as Fire and Police Departments, Search and Rescue, US Forest Service, and California Beach Lifeguards.

All Viking Winchlines come standard with a 8' Ultra Heavy Duty Nylon tubular Rock Guard.

The Excel Hooks are made by Van Beest in France and have large cast latches with stainless steel spring. In addition the quality of the alloy is superior to the cheap hooks found on your steel cables.

The Tube Thimble is made from tube steel and is powder coated. The Tube Thimble is the strongest thimble designed for hooks.

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