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Brand: Warn Model: WAR-68801
16.5ti THERMOMETRIC SELF-RECOVERY WINCH What do you get when you combine 16,500 lbs. of pulling power with all the innovative features of the WARN ti-series? The WARN 16.5ti winch. The highest capacity, most technologically advanced truck winch in the industry today. The 16.5ti features th..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-97550
9.5cti THERMOMETRIC SELF-RECOVERY WINCH The WARN 9.5cti is an ideal mix of tough and tech. It has a 9,500 lb. (4310 kg) single-line pulling capacity with fast line speeds and all-new contactor for optimum winch control and performance. This ultra-durable, ultra-reliable contactor—complete with ..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-97600
9.5cti-s THERMOMETRIC SELF-RECOVERY WINCH WITH SYNTHETIC LINE The WARN 9.5cti-s is an ideal mix of tough and tech. It has a 9,500 lb. (4310 kg) single-line pulling capacity with fast line speeds and all-new contactor for optimum winch control and performance. This ultra-durable, ultra-reliable..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-68500
9.5XP SELF-RECOVERY WINCH The fast, powerful WARN 9.5xp is designed for the serious off-roader who demands a winch that will perform under the most extreme conditions in the world. With 9,500 lbs. of pulling power, the longest duty cycle and fastest line speed of any WARN winch under load, the..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-68435
Industrial Winch Kit for the H1 Hummer SERIES 12 DC ELECTRIC WINCH KIT FOR THE H1 HUMMER 12-volt Series 12 DC winch with 12,000 lb. pulling capacity Black, powder-coated steel winch bumper securely mounts to vehicle frame 75' of 7/16" aircraft wire rope and heavy-duty remote Disc brake..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-64402
Industrial Winch Kit for the HMMWV Deep Fording HMMWV Winch and Mounting Kit ALL-IN-ONE UNIT INSTALLS EASILY ON THE HMMWV 24V DC electric powered 12,000 lb. (5440 kg) capacity winch is electronically limited to pull 9,000 lbs. (4091 kg) Waterproof construction: - Silicone sealing a..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-17801
M12000 SELF-RECOVERY WINCH For heavy-duty winching needs, this winch is a champion workhorse. Big torque, power and quick no-load retrieval speed is 30 feet per minute. Its design is low profile, so it'll fit where you want. And it's powered by the 4.6-hp Series WoundTM motor and our proven th..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-47801
M15000 SELF-RECOVERY WINCH When you work hard enough to need a really big truck, you'll want a winch with enough capacity to get the job done. The WARN M15000 winch boasts high strength carrier plates to handle the gear train stresses of a 15,000lb load. The gear ratio is 315:1, with 90 feet of ..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-M6000
M6000 SELF-RECOVERY WINCH This is our medium-to-light duty winch. But it's no weakling. Designed to be compact, its 4.8 hp Series WoundTM motor can still pull 6,000 lbs., making it ideal for smaller vehicles with big ideas...
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-M8000
M8000 SELF-RECOVERY WINCH Compact. Tough. An outstanding value for trucks, sport utility vehicles and Jeeps. The M8000, with its 4.8-hp Series Wound motor and 3-stage planetary gear train, packs 8,000 lbs. of pulling power to get the job done. Available with either 80' of wire rope and haws..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-38631
M8274-50 SELF-RECOVERY WINCH Loved by off-roaders who compete, it's our fastest winch. No load retrieval speed for the M8274-50 is 73.4 feet per minute and that's not all. At 150 feet of 5/16" cable, it also has a very long line capacity. Its unique spur-gear drive train and upright design are..
Brand: Warn Model: WAR-32963-6
Multi Mount 20' Rear Power Cable Quick Connect power accessories provide a safe and simple power source for portable winches and booster cables. Plugs allow convenient connection and disconnection to the battery power source. Power connections can be added to the front, rear or both ends of the v..
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