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Package C
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT10-5260
Part Number: PT10-5260 (BU, BK, YL, CB, P) Product Name: 10 lb. Package C System (Blue, Black, Yellow, Candy Blue, Polished) Description: The Power Tank Package C System is a high performance air system recommended for those running 35" or larger tires and especially those running higher tire p..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT15-5360
Part Number: PT15-5360 (BU, YL, P) Product Name: 15 lb. Package C (Blue, Yellow, Polished) Description: If you need a Power Tank air system for 35"+ tires on a Jeep or a full-size truck this might be the system for you. Get everything seen here and save! This Package C includes the 15 lb. ..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT20-5460
Part Number: PT20-5460 Product Name: 20 lb. Package C System (Team Yellow) Description: Excellent choice for the weekend warrior with a full-size truck built for sand duty and all of his sand toys. This Package has all of what's in the Package A PLUS a set of Monster Valves to air down the big ..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT05-5160
Part Number: PT05-5160 (Team Yellow) Product Name: 5 lb. Package C System Description: Here's a great Package system for light weight rigs with large tires. Get the high air peformance of the light weight Power Tank and the Super Fast deflation and inflation performance of Monster Valves...
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