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Basic Systems

Basic Systems
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT10-5200
Part Number: PT10-5200 (BU, YL, CB, BK, P) Product Name: 10 lb. Basic System (Blue, Yellow, Candy Blue, Black, Polished) Description: If you want Power Tank Performance but you're on a compressor budget here's a starter system that is just as fast as the more expensive Power Tank Package Deals ..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT15-5300
Part Number: PT15-5300 (BU, YL, P) Product Name: 15 lb. Basic System (Blue, Yellow, Polished) Description: The Power Tank gives you the highest performance of any type of on-board air system on the market at any price. Our Power Tank air systems feature our patented Superflow HPX high performan..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT20-5400
Part Number: PT20-5400 (YL) Product Name: 20 lb. Basic System (Yellow) Description: This is the monster size Power Tank system for monster size air appetites. Do you run large tires (35" +) running higher pressures (40 - 80 PSI) that need airing up after a weekend on the dunes or do you have a ..
Brand: Power Tank Model: PT05-5100
Part Number: PT05-5100 Product Name: 5 lb. Power Tank Basic system, 5 lb. Description: Despite the size of this little guy it packs the same punch as its larger siblings. Its only difference is its volume. This tank holds 5 lbs. of CO2 yet inflates tires and runs air tools just as well as the P..
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